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        本公司自創立至今,一貫秉持 為客戶提供最完美及最優質的服務之經營理念,不斷改良及創新求進,以及一貫選取高品質的原材料,工藝不斷提升,所出品的齒輪承蒙本港及國內外各行各業用家樂意採用,深受各界的一致好評。

        本公司總面積15000平方米,現有職工200余人,其中有專業技術人員60余人,擁有各類大小型的先進生產設備與檢測設備,務求能設計及製造更精準的齒輪。現本公司生產的齒輪已達日本規格(JGMA  2級以上)在技術上符合客戶更高的要求、在品質上給客戶信心的保證,而在這幾方面,本公司普遍贏得了客戶的信賴。


        Company Brief Introduction


        Gear Industrial Company Ltd. established in 1994 is a professional plastic gear production factory that can provide such professional service as technique support, product development and production .Our products are mainly involved in toy production, household appliance production and office articles .

        We history in this industry. To provide perfect service for the clients is our operation concept. Due to our improved techniques, good quality materials and good management, our products win good reputation from the industry at home and abroad.

        Our Company Total 15000m2 land, more than 200 workers including more than 60 technicians are working here and different kinds of advanced production machines and testing machines are used for the production, which make our factory more stronger. We are striving to create first-class factory, design and manufacture good gears that meet with client’s requirements. Our product’s specification has met with Japanese Standard (over JGMA 2). The clients are confident with our product’s quality. Nowadays, Our products have widely established client’s confidence and obtained appraise. We believe that we will provide best service and products under your support.

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